Bringing Microbiome
Into The Clinic

Unlocking the Microbiome to Improve Health

Bio-Me is transforming microbiome analysis by making it possible to analyze hundreds of samples in less than a day, with high resolution and reproducibility and at an affordable cost. Combined with an exclusive biobank and extensive patient database, Bio-Me’s Precision Microbiome Profiling platform (PMP™) enables the development of clinical tests that will improve health and well-being worldwide.



Bio-Me offers a range of proprietary solutions to support research and development of microbiome-based information.

Analysis Services

PMP Analysis Services provides rapid and detailed microbiome analysis rivaling the costs of 16S and the detail of shotgun sequencing with direct quantification, not relative abundance.

Custom Assays

PMP Custom Assays is a flexible solution that makes it possible to tailor-make the specific target bacteria in the assay to the particular need of your specific research needs.

Sequencing Validation

PMP Sequencing Validation is a service offered by Bio-Me where samples that have been sequenced with Shotgun/Whole Genome sequencing approaches can be validated in a standard and highly reproducible qPCR format.


The PMP platform technology combined with access to world-leading BioBanks opens up for many exciting microbiome-based clinical applications.

Biomarker Discovery

PMP Biomarker Discovery capitalizes on Bio-Me’s comprehensive health database, with access to information from 15,000 subjects, each with more than 6000 different health parameters.

Diagnostic Applications

PMP Diagnostic Applications includes help to stratify patients in clinical trials, which typically results in higher success rates as well as the development of Companion Diagnostics and disease-specific diagnostics.

Functional Analysis

PMP Functional Analysis includes Biomarker discovery and validation combines PMP with data from world-class microbiome Biobank data through our unique collaboration with the HUNT BioBank. Bio-Me also develops technology which can be used for Drug target discovery and validation.


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