Bio-Me & NTNU (HUNT4) sign agreement

In a milestone agreement, Bio-Me and NTNU have signed a Collaboration Agreement, giving Bio-Me access to analyze the approximately 30,000 fecal samples that will be collected as part of the ongoing HUNT 4 study. In addition to the samples, extensive genetic, lifestyle and medical information for each subject is available, which will constitute one of the most extensive fecal biobanks in the world. 

This information will be combined into a world-class database with machine learning capabilities. Such a database will provide superior insights and knowledge about the effect of the gut microbiome on health and disease and aid the Pharma and Food industry in Precision Medicine and Personalized Nutrition.

“The combination of Bio-Me’s unique analysis platform and the access to the HUNT4 samples will position Bio-Me as one of the leaders in gut microbiome analysis world-wide”, comments Dr. Morten Isaksen, CEO of Bio-Me. Knowledge about the composition of the gut microbiome has been shown to be important for the optimal effect of drugs.  “It is exciting to develop technology that generates better treatments for people with cancer, coronary heart diseases, and diabetes. The number of drugs that are known to be affected by the gut microbiome is expected to increase. Bio-Me’s analysis will provide important contributions to personalized nutrition and precision medicine,” concludes Dr. Isaksen.  

A cover of the Press Release by Dagens Medisin is available here (Norwegian)