Bio-Me at Microbiome R&D Business Forum

Bio-Me will be presenting new results from the development of its proprietary GutCheck(TM) gut microbiome analysis platform in the upcoming Microbiome R&D Forum in Rotterdam on 21st and 22nd March. Dr. Morten Isaksen, CEO of Bio-Me will be giving the talk, and in addition to results from GutCheck(TM) itself, improvements in the steps leading up to analysis, such as sampling, shipping, storage and DNA purification will be covered. 

“The gut microbiome affects many factors that are important for better Precision Medicine and Personalized Nutrition regimes,” comments Dr. Isaksen. He continues: “However, for gut microbiome analysis to become an important part of Precision Medicine and Personalized Nutrition, better tools for analyzing the gut microbiome from large numbers of samples, in a high resolution and high throughput format needs to be available. This is exactly what GutCheck(TM) from Bio-Me offers.”