Bio-Me first tenant at OsloTech’s ShareLab

Picture: CEO of Bio-Me, Dr. Morten Isaksen, in the new laboratory facilities in ShareLab, Oslo Research Park.

Bio-Me became the first tenant at ShareLab, the premium laboratory hotel offered by OsloTech as part of Oslo Research Park, close to the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. This brand new, fully equipped facility will make it possible for Bio-Me to accelerate its development of the new assay for gut microbiome analysis.

Sharelab is a membership community providing a complete range of biotech innovation services. It includes a managed lab with 24 workplaces, fully equipped with modern equipment, and with common workbenches and rooms for special functions.  Sharelab’s focus is to create the best possible environment in which early-stage life science companies can grow and succeed. Oslotech is managing Oslo Science Park and is a co-founder and a principal shareholder of StartupLab and Aleap incubators where Bio-Me is located, and a key force in the Oslo startup ecosystem.